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The humidity and environmental pressure meters with the KC-326B probe, incorporated low power consumption sensors and they have a compact design. They are able to measure in real time the ambient temperature, the relative humidity, the atmospheric pressure. They can also measure the moisture of a piece of wood and are able to quickly calculate dew point temperature and absolute humidity (g / kg and grains / lb. It consists of 20 conservation groups Data in memory and 8000 groups automatic data recording.Wide screen with two LCD intelligent management.It is the ideal instrument for motorization of food, medical supplies, and storage in general.





Gral. Pack.


Unit Pack.


Technical sheet


detalle de KC-326B

A- Sensor protection cap.
B- Buckle.
C- Thermocouple interface (optional accessory, not included in the product)
E- LOG / SET button. Starts and stops recording data.
F- MAX / MIN button. Change the measuring mode to MAX / MIN. Setting the alarm with the UNIT key.
G- Button ZERO / WBT. Non-contact moisture measurement. Swaps bulb dry / wet temperature HR (relative humidity) Disable the memory mode function with the UNIT key.
H- UNIT button / Modify units, retrieve data, set the alarm with the MAX / MIN button, clear the memory with the / WBT ZERO button.
I- Button . Move to the right. Use the UP> button to review the recorded data.
K- STORE / ENTER button / Press and hold for 2 seconds to store the current conditions and data. Press to remove the memory or alarm mode.
L- Button / WAIT. Press once to turn on the unit. Press again for data. Keep it pressed for 2 seconds to turn it off.
M- Moisture sensor interface in wood.
N- Mini USB interface.

Product Name:
Probe humidity range:
Sensor humidity range:
Ambient temperature range:
Wet bulb temperature range:
Accuracy of relative humidity (0% ~ 10%):
Relative humidity accuracy (11% ~ 90%):
Relative humidity accuracy (91% ~ 100%):
Absolute Humidity Rangee:
Dew temperature range of point:
BPP range (grains per pound):
Ambient pressure range:
Vapor pressure range:
Thermocouple temperature range:
Data recording:
Automatic screen shutdown:
Automatic switch off:
PC Interface:
Optional accessories:
Power supply:
Work intensity:
Operating temperature:

14 en 1 multifunction thermo-hygrometer
0 ~ 99.9%
0 ~ 99.9%
-29 ° C ~ 75 ° C ± 2 ° C
-20 ~ 60 ° C
± 3%
± 2.5%
± 3%
0.5 ~ 240 g / m3 (mg / l)
-60 ° C ~ 60 ° C
0 ~ 999GPP
30 ~ 120 kPa
0 ~ 20kPa
-100 ° C ~ 1000 ° C
Owner’s Manual 20 Auto: 8000
30 seconds of inactivity
30 minutes of inactivity
USB 2.0
Humidity sensor, USB cable and CD
Type K thermocouple (not included)
A 9V battery (6F22 / 6LR61)
0 ~ 43 ° C
5% ~ 95% RH non-condensing
-30 ° C ~ 60 ° C, <90% RH (without battery)
185mm x 72mm x 36mm

– Do not drop the product or use force.
– Do not disassemble the product to avoid damage.
– Place the protective cover when not in use.
– Do not place the product with corrosive gases.
– Keep the device.
– Avoid dust and water.
– Do not immerse in water as it will be damaged.
– Please remove the battery if you do not use it for a while.

It ensures that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Note: The warranty does not cover the following conditions:

1 – The authorized disposal can not void the warranty.
2 – We are not responsible for any damage resulting from abrasion, water, falls or disassembly.

Tips: Many parts of the product can be recycled, please refer to your local regulator to recycle instead of throwing them away.