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Moisture meters in walls and wood, measure the humidity of the objective material by detecting the electrical resistivity using two nails. This instrument has a low power microchip, intelligent design and humidity levels are reflected on an LCD screen.

Compact and easy to use, performs measurements quickly, its portability makes it a great place to take to the instrument from the work area.





Gral. Pack.


Unit Pack.


Technical sheet

Technical information: MOISTURE METER

Medidor de Humedad en paredes y madera

A- Protective cover.
B- Pines.
C- LCD screen.
D- LED moisture indicator.
E- LED sec.
F- Measuring mode button.
G- Power button.
H- Excessive humidity LED indicator.
I- Retaining the button data. Press and hold to mute the unit.
J- Battery compartment.
K- Protective cover for pins.

Product Name:
Measuring range wood:
Measurement of construction materials range:
Screen Timeout:
Auto Power Off:
Low battery indicator:
Power supply:
Operating temperature:

Moisture meter
5% -50%
1.5% -33%
± 2%
15 seconds
3 minutes of inactivity
A 9V battery (6F22 O 6LR6) not included
0 ~ 50 ° C
<90% RH non-condensing
-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C, <85% (without battery)
145mm x 62mm x 27mm
86g (without battery)

– Do not drop the product or use force.
– Do not disassemble the product to avoid damage.
– Place the protective cover when not in use.
– Do not place the product with corrosive gases.
– Keep the device.
– Avoid dust and water.
– Do not immerse in water, it will be damaged.
– Please remove the battery if you do not use it for a while.

It ensures that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Note: The warranty does not cover the following conditions:

1 – The authorized disposal can not void the warranty.
2 – We are not responsible for any damage resulting from abrasion, water, falls or disassembly.

Tips: Many parts of the product can be recycled, please refer to your local regulator to recycle instead of throwing them away.